Monday, July 19, 2010

Carmel Frappicino

(hi, mom)
I am in mourning. I think I might spend less money at Starbucks because of this DIY. First, I have a philosophy, if you are going to be late to something (which I often am) at least make sure you have a Starbucks in your hand.

I realized, why I was even thinking this way I don't know, that if I go to SBX (starbucks) 3xs a week that is $15 a week, $60 a month, and $720 a year. Wait let me check my math, yea $720 a year. HOLY CRAP! That is alot of money and alot of calories. And lets be honest, I go more than 3xs a week. I am torn. I love those perfectly crafted carmel and coffee yummies-- lets not forget about that whip cream. Anyway, I am not saying I will eliminate them from my life; but it cannot be a morning ritual. So I did what anyone in coffee cost crisis would do....I googled (and I quote) "How to make a carmel frappicino"lo and behold-- saved my life. I followed the recipe. And because people in crisis need specific direction, the website even included a video. Well I read the directions but I would like to say I used them as a guide. Their recipe makes one serving, like a tall frapp. I thought I could save time by buling it up some. SO here is what I did.

I made a pot of coffee, strong coffee. Like 4 TBS of coffee to 6 cups (on the pot) of water.

Put the coffee in a pitcher, added 12-14 TBS of sugar (there is probably a better mesasurement for that). 1 TBS of vanilla extract.

I let it chill in the fridge overnight, becasue of course my idea became reality around 10pm....and we all know I DO NOT need coffee that late at night.

In the morning, I put 2 Cups of the mix (aka coffee and a lot of sugar), 1 cup of milk, and a bit of carmel sundae sauce, oh and a splash of vanilla extract---and 1.5 cups of ice (the crushed kind from my fridge door).

And a blender of course. This is NOT a fancy blender, more like $12 bucks from walmart, it was probably a hand me down because I don't remember buying it. The point is you don't need a fancy starbucks quality blender.

Then I poured it into a recycled SBX cup (I am going for the placebo effect). The result is magnificent. Seriously, I was very proud.....pretty dang close to the real thing.

I am not saying this is an equal substitute, but I will do it again. I mean just think of the benefits. Maybe now I wont be late as often, most common late excuse--long SBX line. Most importantly think of all the clothes I can buy with $720 a year :)



  1. I have a solution for when you are running late and don't have to time to make you own .....Mickey D's Carmel McFrappe is only $2.29 for a small (which is enough to satisfy that craving)Dad rather have that now than SBX anyways...

    ...but I will be trying your idea soon

    love ya!!!

  2. laraine! you did it. i'm so proud!

  3. hi laraine. I just started a blog too! I think ours go very nicely with each other :) Oh, and I'm definately gonna try this. AND I'm gonna put a link to it on my blog. great idea.

  4. yum this sounds awesome! (but since i work at sbux again I can get my fraps for free! muwahahha)jk but maybe when i stop working there it will be the perfect alternative! btw i love how you started a blog too! i will follow you as soon as i can get on my moms computer because we just got a new one and it wont do pop ups so its kind of weird...long story lol

  5. well my dear daughter....I know your life has been EXTREMELY busy...but I know you have done a few DIY projects....(ie painting)

    with the holidays approaching i am sure you willbe whipping up some very creative DIY projects...cant wait to see and READ about them....

    love ya!